• SMS and Message Center now include support for push notification (GEN-3047)
    • Note: Android users need to be updated to version 3.4.0, which should be rolling out on the app store throughout the day. IOS users do not need an app update.
  • Other expenses marked as ‘Payable’ on shifts where client is Travel Time Client were not consistently appearing on the Timesheet Summary by Payroll Items report (GEN-3174)
  • Diagnosis code added to service order for use with interfaces (Carebridge, Tellus, Therap, HHAX).
    • Note: A code added to the service order will take precedence over codes on the client profile (GEN-3259)
  • Fix for cannot adding cell carriers when others with same extension already exist (GEN-3695).
    • Note: this is only issue if not using SMS messaging.
  • Alert config display fix when over 100 configurations are enabled(GEN-3716)
  • Fix for alerts send for cancelled shifts (GEN-3726)
  • Feature to not confirm shifts if task or TTS alerts are present. Optionally, these options can be enabled in EVV under Company Settings. (GEN-2616)
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations