State EVV Updates

  • Virginia DMAS90 system integration.
  • Santrax OH improvements for validations and messages when credentials are incorrect.

Mobile Updates

  • 415026 Medications now are shown in the care plan for caregivers viewing the app.
  • 415951 Fix for message “unfortunately generations has stopped”. Primarily occurring on LG phones.
  • 414924 Fix for “Mobile app required for GPS” popup when clocking in on some older devices.

Note: tickets 415951 and 414924 require Android users to update to the latest version.

General Features and Fixes

  • 415113 CMS1500 option to include PICA number.
  • 414314 Increased telephony reason code length to 6 Characters.
  • 415758 Option to Include client address when running the Completed Schedules and Tasks report.
  • 412417 Add bold text on Time/Task Signature tab (edit schedules) when TTS is enabled on the schedule.
  • 413182 Alert caregiver of existing or overlapping schedules when requesting shifts via the app.
  • 414601 Include agency name in the subject line of Daily Schedule Reminder emails.
  • 414497 Add agency name to caregiver reminder text alerts.
  • 415083 Ability to remove a call from a shift on Edit Telephony Schedule page.
  • 414775 Removed canceled shifts from the Service Order Authorization Report
  • 414161 Fix for conflict report showing cancelled shifts as double booking.
  • 414361 Fix for cancelled shifts displaying on the Weekly Schedules Report.
  • 415079 Fix for missed visit alerts being sent for Cancelled Shifts.
  • 415088 Added Audit button to Edit Telephony Schedule page.
  • 415684 Fix for cannot Email Plan of Care- CMS485 Report.
  • 413703 Cannot delete a category in copied care plan without editing and deleting fields.
  • 416069 ADP Export – don’t update TS as Paid if a Validation Report is produced
  • 416217 Telephony schedules drop-down hard to select due to Shift Request notification icon.
  • 404842 Edit Schedules: cannot unconfirmed shifts when signatures have been removed.
  • Other fixes and performance improvements.