State EVV Updates and Announcements

  • Maine and Indiana interfaces with Sandata are available. Contact us if you will be required to use.
  • Generations is now on the approved vendor list for Colorado interface with Sandata, and we also expect to be on the approved list for any other state using Sandata. In practice, there are some minor changes we need to make from state-to-state based on state-specific implementation details.
  • Please reach out to our support team with any questions about state interfaces.

Electronic Billing with 837
Many agencies use Generations to submit the 837 billing file, and  the requirement to bill using the 837 is expected to increase as more payers adopt this standard. While the 837 is a standard format, specific payers may require minor changes to how and where data is placed. While the default settings in Generations will accommodate 95% of 837 requirements, there may be some cases where programming changes are needed. Our goal is to complete any required changes within a 2 week time-frame. To ensure smooth billing using the 837 we recommend you obtain the companion guide from your payer and work with our support team on setup.

Updates in this release

  • 372501 Ability to email time-sheet reports to caregivers.
  • 364528 Added Enable Assisted GPS field to client column chooser and report writer client tables.
  • 408613 Do not show Missed Visit Alert icon for cancelled shifts on Telephony Schedules page.
  • 416853 Add Canada Cell Phone carriers to Canada admin setup.
  • 395714 Add referral company name to client list & report writer.
  • 416945 Add Referral # to fields that can be selected on the billing export.
  • 375613 Add Referral Type and Referral Company Column options to Client report writer.
  • 414391 Add Client Attachments Table to Client Audit Trail.
  • 416039 Show assessment date in POC list.
  • 416861 Complete Schedules and Tasks Report:
    • Added filter for confirmed and unconfirmed shifts.
    • Added option to exclude shifts without E-signature.
  • 417385 Make Schedule Date selector in Sandata interfaces a non-required field.
  • Other fixes and optimizations.