Coming just 2 weeks after the last release, this update primarily incorporates minor fixes and improvements.

  • Require Administrator to override scheduling conflict alerts
    • Enabled on the security tab in Company Settings. Note if this is enabled it will require a user with administrator permissions to login and make the update if conflicts exist.
  • Sandata State Interfaces
    • Will send values in Alternate Medicaid ID and Patient newborn indicator if agency creates custom fields and has values populated. Custom fields need to be named AlternateMedicaidID and isPatientNewborn (419003).
    • Added exceptions to the schedule audit trail (in addition to already being on the exceptions tab (419056).
  • Misc. Fixes
    • Invalid caregiver login report incorrectly shows passwords are missing (417282).
    • Fix for geo-coding addresses that contain the # symbol (417380).
    • Illinois Billing Export updating all timesheets as billed (418459).
    • Added contrast to signed plan of care for easier readability (418642).
    • 837P – dropped leading zero when sending units -ex. .75 instead of 0.75 (418748)
    • Hospitalizations and ER Visit report fixes – summary version (416809)
    • DMAS90 – client should not be prompted to sign unless caregiver signature exists.
    • DMAS90 – excluded frequency/notes from caregiver view (417438).
    • Zip code doesn’t remember last value in report parameters: UB04>Pay to Provider line 2 (417881)
    • UB04 fix for printing empty lines for multiple page submissions in a batch (417914)
    • Fix for IOS notification issue that could occur when IOS version is 13.0 or 13.1. Issues does not occur in 13.2 or higher (418983). Note this requires an app update which will be available in the next few days depending on how fast it is approved by Apple.
    • Other minor fixes and performance improvements.