Rebranding of Telephony to EVV and Skills to Attributes

  • 424796 Change label of “Skills” to “Attributes”.
  • 424795 Change Telephony to EVV throughout the application.

Misc fixes and improvements

  • 418303 Caregiver App Doesn’t show short service description when enabled in the web portal.
  • 425534 Online application – when accessing the application while logged in as an office user an error could occur.
  • 425774 Grid, not refreshing counts when filtered, then changes made, and refreshed.
  • 426372 iPad now opens attachments in a new window when accessing through the main site.
  • 426467 Telephony Schedules could display the same shift more than once in some cases due to screening.
  • 425918 Caregiver Search: fixed issue where results would return to the top after clicking specific record details or map. Also eliminated dual scrollbars that could appear.
  • 425984 Training Video Updates. Many of the training videos have been updated. We are continuing to refresh them over the next few releases.
  • 426087 Service Order display improvement in scheduling.
  • 421553 Completed schedules and tasks – eliminated unneeded space
  • 424495 Care note can fail to save all symptoms when symptom names are duplicated within the same care note
  • 424618 Completed Schedules and Tasks not indicating signature present when the caregiver voice signed using the app.
  • 424621 Require administrator for overriding alerts could happen in some cases when the option to override was not enabled.
  • 425023 Tellus interface – tasks are not automatically created while adding schedule from caregiver search
  • 425213 Class filter not working in scheduling
  • 425222 Old Grid: No records found when filtering
  • 425301 Missing caregiver name in telephony schedule drop-down filter.