State EVV Interface Updates

  • Oregon EVV Interface is now available (430585).
  • Arkansas EVV interface with Carebridge is now available (431064).
  • Delaware EVV interface with Authenticare is now available (431613).
  • Colorado Sandata fixes for string input error (431645).
  • HHAX PA/FL Interface fix to send reasons and resolution codes (431767).
  • Arkansas EVV fixes for Authenticare interface (431637).
  • Pennsylvania Sandata response processing¬† message when missing client id (431502).
  • New York EVV fixes to remove formatting from phone numbers and remove requirement to enter NPI (431658).

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking

  • Client and caregiver have a new vaccination tracking section on the personal data pages.
  • Caregiver search has an option to search for vaccinated caregivers.
  • Vaccination details also appear on the client and caregiver lists (column chooser) and are available in report writer.

Other Updates

  • Caregiver to view client phone number on app. Agency must enable the option in company settings (381860).
  • Completed Schedules and Tasks report option to include EVV details (430672).
  • Performance optimization in caregiver app for shift request (431305).
  • UB04 line 63 Authorization not populating when run with option to Summarize Daily by Service (430931).
  • Hospitalization and ER report label change from ‘prevented’ to ‘not re-admitted’ (430250).
  • Ability to edit existing cell carrier master list items (431607).
  • iPhone using offline mode not syncing (431640).
  • Telephony edit schedule fix for an issue that could occur when missing login (431642).
  • Wound note not displaying properly in website after entering in app (431681).