New Features

  • GEN-1822 Payors now have a status and can be inactivated.
  • GEN-2192 Physicians now have a status and can be inactivated.
  • GEN-2281 Payor-Client list now has additional options for searching and filtering.
  • GEN-1178 Report Writer- added phone number to schedules report source.
  • GEN-2191 Added two additional customizable text area in customized Care Plan Category.
  • GEN-2327 Service order list now includes the field for Santrax Provider ID.
  • GEN-2262 Plan of care customization for tab names and ability to hide or show.  To utilize the feature click on the Care Plan Naming/Visibility button located in Company Settings | Company Information. See Help documentation for details.
  • GEN-2256 Option to alert caregivers to add notes for incomplete tasks. To utilize the feature check the Enable Notes For In-Completed Tasks box located in Company Settings | Web Portal.


Desktop QuickBooks users must be on QuickBooks Sync version When prompted to update the QB Sync app please ensure you run the update process and restart the app. The version can be verified in QB Sync under the Help | About Us menu. 

  • GEN-2361 QBO and QB Desktop now have a secondary billed flag specifically for QB. This is useful when billing is sent to a third-party other than QB (ex. EVV interface), then also needs to be sent to QB. See Help documentation for details.
  • GEN-2203 QB Desktop new option: Add Timesheet Notes to Invoice Line Items.
  • GEN-2062 QB Desktop update to respect client-payor filter lined status when sorting.

Fixes and Optimizations

  • GEN-1178 Replace ‘Telephony’ with caregiver name in audit reports.
  • GEN-2076 Client CMS1500 fields/dropdown lists are more tab friendly.
  • GEN-2117 Tellus-VA fractional carryover now shades overridden billing in pink.
  • GEN-2375 Virginia fractional billing fixes.
  • GEN-2343 Authenticare (AR) new checkbox to filter records that have not been successfully submitted.
  • GEN-2408 Authenticare (AR) log now hides pending items for any records that also is successful.
  • GEN-2347 Tellus filter by schedule date option.
  • GEN-2390 HHAX FL billing fix when not using service orders to specify units/hour.
  • GEN-2386 Caregiver app display of zip code fix for zip code no longer display after shift is requested.
  • GEN-2405 Report Writer filter fix for filtering on saved reports.
  • Other improvements and optimizations