New EVV for Self Directed Care


  • Washington State EVV export updates to new specification (GEN-3225).
  • Client Service order tab now displays service orders with assigned status of active by default (GEN-2415).
  • Push notification fixes on Android 12+ devices (GEN-2975). Requires app version 3.3.8.
  • Carebridge AR offload processing to background (GEN-2991).
  • Carebridge resubmit fix (GEN-3177)
  • Changing service order removes tasks fix (GEN-3027).
  • Sandata-MO task data transmissions (GEN-3107).
  • Import EVV file to respect auto confirm setting (GEN-3228).
  • HHAX fix to send null instead of empty string value when HHAX Admission ID does not exists (GEN-3298).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations (3176,1124,1637,1957,2576,2704,3057,3059,3060,3076,3137,3171,3258,3263,3329,3291).