• Mississippi Interface with HHAX initial release (GEN-3434).
  • Improved session expiration alert so users can select to continue working prior to auto logout (GEN-3100).
  • HHAX -WV fix for call type required when clock in/out type is offline (GEN-3418).
  • HHAX (All SFTP States: AR, FL, PA,NC,NY) to send submission type as blank when sending confirmed visit files (GEN-3394).
  • EVV details report to include missing login/logout when filtering the report to Not Acknowledged EVV Exceptions (GEN-3084).
  • Sandata AZ login exception change. Now, triggering the exception occurs when the call is after sixty minutes of the shift starting time (GEN-3382).
  • Caregivers can now view the POC after midnight on overnight shifts (GEN-3424).
  • Other fixes and optimizations (GEN-2940,3464,3113,3207,3364,2983,3288,3485,3478,3369,3440).